UH Hilo Educational Telescope

Former UH Hilo Telescope



UH Hilo Observatory (foreground) atop Mauna Kea The UH Hilo 24" Educational Telescope (foreground)

UH Hilo previously operated the 24" educational telescope at the summit of Mauna Kea, at an elevation of 4200 meters (~14,000 ft.), as shown at left foreground.

Below is an aerial view of the Mauna Kea summit telescope complex showing the location of the UH Hilo Educational Telescope.

Aerial view of telescope site.


Astronomy majors at UH Hilo get real hands-on experience by participating in research projects with faculty members and observatory staff at telescopes on Mauna Kea and the university's previous 24-inch telescope on the summit (as shown above). It was equipped with electronic detectors for imaging and spectroscopy. Some previous students' work can be viewed at our student research page. Astronomy majors and non-majors are active in the Astronomy/Astrophysics Club on campus. Many students volunteer for service at the Mauna Kea Visitor Center and at the Mauna Kea telescopes for additional experience.

You can view current conditions at the site from the University of Hawaiʻi Physics and Astronomy Mauna Kea Webcam.


The University of Hawaiʻi observatory at the summit of Mauna Kea used to house the 24-inch (0.6m) Boller & Chivens telescope, which has now been decommissioned.



UHH 24-inch telescope housed within observatory


The upgraded observatory houses the new 36-inch (0.9m) telescope, as described below. The observatory upgrade was completed in October, 2008. The new 36-inch telescope was installed in October of 2010, is presenly being evaluated and re-engineered, and is scheduled to be operational by the Fall of 2012.

New Educational Telescope


Hoko Ke’a Telescope Logo


The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo received funding from the National Science Foundation for an educational and research telescope on Mauna Kea, for the use of our faculty and students.   The 0.9-m telescope was built in Golden, Colorado and shipped to Hawaiʻi for installation in 2008.


                         UHH 36-inch Hoku Ke`a Telescope housed within observatory


When engineering and evaluation is completed, the new telescope is planned to be remotely controllable from a control room near sea-level, in the Sciences and Technology Building, on the UH Hilo campus. The telescope will be used both to train students in observatory operations and to conduct research projects with student participation, either as assistants or in support of theses and other student projects.   When fully instrumented, the observatory will be capable of conducting observations in all areas of modern observational astronomy, and of wide-field imaging surveys for extrasolar planets, supernovae, and other survey targets.   The new educational observatory will be the world's only at a modern, major observatory site and will constitute an astronomy educational resource of unprecedented value to students and faculty.