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Free Public Talk, August 18th, 11am in ST-225

Ricardo Chacon, presentation on Phase disorder affects signal amplification in scale-free networks"How phase disorder affects signal amplification in scale-free networks"
Prof. Ricardo Chacon, Universidad de Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain
This talk shows how an amplification mechanism induced by the heterogeneity of the connectivity in scale-free networks of signaling devices is drastically reduced when phase disorder in the external signals is considered. This is demonstrated theoretically in the simpler case of a star-like network of overdamped systems with two minima, and confirmed numerically by simulations of the original scale-free networks. A gentle introduction to networks will be given.



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About the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Physics and Astronomy Program

The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo offers an excellent undergraduate program within the Natural Sciences Division, designed to prepare students for a wide range of careers in physics, astronomy and other sciences. In addition, the number and quality of astronomy research telescopes within easy reach of Hilo is unique, as is Physics and Astronomy's role as the State's only academic program that affords local students access to these facilities.

UH Hilo is an undergraduate, liberal arts school with an enrollment of over 3,000 full-time students. Ranked third overall among regional public liberal arts campuses in the western United States, UH Hilo offers an excellent education in a multicultural environment. The average class size is only 22 students, providing plenty of opportunity for student-faculty interaction inside and outside of the classroom. UH Hilo continues to expand its programs and the facilities that house those programs.

The Physics and Astronomy Department is located in the Science and Technology Building on the UH Hilo campus. The building houses both the Physics & Astronomy and Chemistry departments. Physics & Astronomy now has new classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices, and a control room to remotely control telescopes at the summit of Mauna Kea and Haleakalā.

Prospective students can get more information about the Physics & Astronomy programs at UH Hilo by emailing the department chair, Dr. Marianne Takamiya.